Choosing Just The Right Name for Your New Baby

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Choosing the right baby name for your new baby can be difficult at best.


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 A baby’s name helps create your baby’s identity. Whatever name you choose for your baby helps to shape what your baby will be come, the phrase “names have power” seems to be truer than not, as it seems that many people as adults seem to fit into particular names energy. Haven’t you said to yourself at one time or another that a particular person’s personality seems to fit in with other people you have known with the same name? Some people feel that names fit almost into a cookie cutter type persona. This is why many baby name books will give the meaning of the names in the book so that it will help you choose the power of your baby’s personality.

Choosing Baby Names Based On Family Tradition

Some new parents will choose a baby name based on family tradition, or on the baby’s father/mother or grandparents name. If you choose to give your baby a name based on a relatives name, remember that names that are unusual or “old fashioned” can create more stress for your child than other more common names. Children in school can be cruel so keep in mind some of the negative implications a name that can easily be changed or mispronounced can have on a growing and impressionable child. If you have ever watched the Tonight Show with Jay leno or the old Johnny Carson shows then you know just how much fun he has with names at times. Some names just lead to more teasing than others, so try not to choose a name that can easily be twisted and made fun of.

Don’t Choose A Baby Name That Is Sure To Be Teased

Think about how some children were teased in school, perhaps you were the one receiving the teasing or doing the teasing… Remember how that felt, do you really want to give your child a name that could be the source of embarrassment or social isolation? Children with such names often grow up feeling isolated, alone and misunderstood, or worse angry at the world and people around them in general. Sometimes it may take the child a long time to gain self esteem when given names that seems out of place and odd.

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Remember whatever name you choose for your new baby, they will carry for a lifetime. Make sure it is a name to be proud of and that you are happy with. Do not choose a name simply because one of the grand parents or another family member wishes it. This is your baby, not theirs, so the choice of a name must be done with careful consideration and thought.

What Kind Of Future Do You Want for Your Baby?

Look into what kind of a future you want for your baby; do you want them to be a leader? Many parents want more for their children than they had for themselves; this is the healthy way to be a parent. Choose names that create a sense of power and purpose for your child. Do not be like some parents who want their child to be just like they are, or worse yet, force their child to live the childhood that they didn’t have. Your child is an individual with their own goals in life; give them a name that will help them achieve those goals.

When choosing a name for your baby, you will also want to consider how the initials will line up so that they don’t stand for anything funny, disturbing, for example Arnold Stephen Smith which would then become the initials ASS. I know I would not like that one myself.

Also avoid names that are spelled differently than others. My maiden name is a great example, not that I don’t like it, only that it still creates problems. Sheryl with an S not a C, Lyn with one N not two, Wiesner IE not EI… get my point?

Remember choosing the right name for your baby should be a joint effort between you and your significant other, if other children are in the family, don’t forget to include them too. This helps to create a tighter sense of family to help reduce sibling rivalry later. The closer you can get baby and siblings before birth the closer they will be once the baby is born! Including the whole immediate family in choosing the new baby‘s name also brings you closer as a family or as a couple.

Expecting a new baby is both an exciting time and a stressful time, but choosing the right baby name does not have to be part of this stress. Get a book of baby names and go through the book together, write down a list of names you like, and have your partner do the same, then compare notes. It is fun to realize that both of you may end up picking some of the same names for your new baby! Treat it as a quest or a journey together as you come to decide on your baby’s name.

If you and your spouse join together in cooperation and love and you will be sure to pick a name for you and your baby to be proud of!

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