Buying Organic For Your Family

Despite a lot of press about the increase in organic foods and other products being made for consumer use, it can still be very difficult to find good quality organic foods, especially in small towns in America. While many people have the desire to to eat only organic natural foods, it can be a real challenge to find them and at times, to afford them.

Luckily there are new options available to help you put organic foods on your family’s table.

Like many things in our lives, the internet has opened up a world of new options when it comes to organic foods. Most of the major suppliers of organic foods and coffee have developed extensive websites to promote and sell their products.

Only a few years ago, organically grown coffee was only available in high end coffee shops in major metropolitan areas. Now, websites like The Organic Corner Store and Amazon have large listings of organic coffees from around the world and they can be shipped right to your door. Exotic coffee beans and blends used to seldom-offered treats, now they can be a part of your daily diet, thanks to the offerings online by smart, organic retailers.

Our access to healthy organic snacks for our families is also enhanced by the internet. Some of the major supermarket chains are offering small organic sections, but unless you live in a large urban area your choices can be limited. Unfortunately, your children’s tastes are not limited and finding healthy organic snacks can be a challenge. Here again the internet has helped in a large way. Organic snacks all every imaginable kind can be found, and like the coffees mentioned above, delivery to your home is a breeze.

Another area of rapid growth with organic products is with clothing. More and more manufacturers are realizing that the market is very strong for natural fabrics that are planted and produced with no chemicals and fertilizers.

While this section of the overall market is still small, organic clothing sales grew by 10% in 2010 despite the deep recession going on in the US. Parents of newborns can be especially concerned about the history of the fabric that is enfolding their child.

Demand for organic cotton and wool has skyrocketed as these fabrics become the favorites for baby blankets, sheet sets and infant apparel.

Consumers are paying attention to the huge amounts of fertilizer being used by farmers and the chemicals being used by fabric manufacturers and are demanding organic alternatives.

An educated consumer will know what to look for and where to look for organic items, but going green still requires a lot of vigilance.

The government has been slow to release uniform regulations when it comes to organic and the use of the term “Natural” by manufacturers has been abused to lull buyers into a false sense of purpose.

Be sure to read all of the labels and do a little research before you purchase something that claims to be organic.


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