Build Your First Blog Site

Building a website or a blog can appear to be an intimidating project, but with the wide assortment of easy-to-use web based tools available, even a beginner can have a website up and running quickly. Here are a few simple steps to follow as you begin your journey down the road of successful web management.

Domain Name

Focus on the topic or niche that you want your site to be about. Try to be specific when choosing a domain name, you need to help your visitors find your site. For instance, instead of choosing a domain name like, add a word or two about a specialty associated with dogs, such as training, breeding, food or toys.

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GoDaddy is a great place to find out what is available for domain names and an easy resource for buying names.

Web Hosting

Choosing the right web hosting service can be critical. Services that allow multiple domains to be hosted under one account with unlimited emails will be extremely useful to you if you are planning on having more than one site. Also, be sure to check reviews and stats to see which servers have the best records for being online. If the server is down, no one will be able to find your site. Use a good review site like WebHostingScore to research hosting companies and the prices of the assorted plans.


Looks matter! While WordPress is the most popular and easy to use website or blog template, the basic layouts that are included when you install WordPress are quite boring. Don’t worry, the internet is full of beautiful and simple to install templates that will allow you to customize your site and make it visually stunning. Check out some of the great looking WordPress sites at ElegantThemes , you will love the options available to you.

Most of the web hosting services have template designs available as well. Be sure to choose one that is colorful, has plenty of options for adding articles, pictures and links and can be easily updated.


Okay, you’ve done some heavy lifting. The domain name has been chosen, you’ve selected your web hosting service and you have installed a WordPress design that will catch your visitor’s attention.

Within your WordPress administration panel you can add articles and pages. You should create some unique posts that relate to your blogs focus. If you have decided on dog training, write a couple of 300-400 word posts on your experience with training dogs. Make them interesting, not too wordy and add a couple of pictures to the body of the post. When you feel comfortable with your articles, hit “Publish” and your site will go live.

Congratulations-you are a web master!

We will go into more details later abut fine tuning your blog, search engine optimization and creating backlinks. For now, follow these basic steps and you can publish your first blog in minutes.

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