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Easy ways to super shiny hair

Who doesn’t want a head of beautiful hair which will turn heads? A head of healthy hair is indeed attractive and instantly transforms your appearance. One of the secrets of beautiful hair is a regular, healthy diet while some people are simply blessed with great genes. But anyone can have glossy, shiny and attractive hair with some simple and easy ingredients found right in your kitchen. Before attempting any of these homemade you must remember that your scalp should be clean and oil free.

Use of technology in medical care

From time immemorial human preoccupation with health, illness and death has been documented, however the knowledge of these remained stagnant from the ancient world to the period of Renaissance.

Dreamy Musings Of Land And Water?

Since time immemorial ports have been the gateway to other, more romantic worlds.

Where the water stretches as far as the eye can see until it merges with the sky and becomes one.

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Lauren Slater and an honest discussion about love and life

My husband and I got married at eight in the morning. It was winter, freezing, the trees encased in ice and a few lone blackbirds balancing on telephone wires. We were in our early 30s, considered ourselves hip and cynical, the types who decried the institution of marriage even as we sought its status. During our wedding brunch we put out a big suggestion box and asked people to slip us advice on how to avoid divorce; we thought it was a funny, clear-eyed, grounded sort of thing to do, although the suggestions were mostly foolish: Screw the toothpaste cap on tight. After the guests left, the house got quiet. There were flowers everywhere: puckered red roses and fragile ferns. “What can we do that’s really romantic?” I asked my newly wed one. Benjamin suggested we take a bath. I didn’t want a bath. He suggested a lunch of chilled white wine and salmon. I was sick of salmon.

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