American dream…What about a Greek one?

My Greek Dream

My name is Yannis and I live my dream in Volos, Greece.


Volos promenade by night (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My small country is well-known everywhere around the world and I am happy and proud of being a Greek. On the other hand I feel very upset that many would think i am a lazy-yelling-bastard that never works,wants to be drink ouzo and wine, eat souvlaki with tzatziki and doesn’t care about the rest of the world

Maybe they are right.

Probably me and my friends and relatives do such things.

I have something to say here.

I have dream s!!! Everyone has his dream s!

I really love my city my country my culture!

I feel sorry for the people in Germany (no offense, I will write the truth according to my opinion about them!), that work all day long, go for a (1 most of the time) beer to their Friend’s houses and then go to sleep. I think that its quite boring!

Not My Idea Of A Dream Life!

No one wants this kind of life!

On the other hand they experience a great health system, no way if want to evade taxes, clean streets and places….

But the result is that they save money a whole year for a single reason!!!

This reason is just to come to Greece and eat “paidaki”, “tzatziki”, “kefalaki”, “gardouba” and “kokoretsi” and drink many beers under the sun!!!

It’s their dream!

To work for 11 months and spend 1 month here in my sunny country!!

They speak for me with the worst words, I shouldn’t act like the way I act but the way they do!

No way!

I hate their dry life in their always wet country!

I would never go on vacation even if they paid me to do!!

I don’t want to leave my precious sun and beaches!

That’s why i feel sorry for them!

I live, ,drink, hang out, love, walk, sleep, wake up under this beautiful sun that gives me strength and draws a smile of hope in my face EVERYDAY!!!

I live the dream….My Greek dream!!!

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