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Knowledge is best when shared is all about sharing knowledge.

We have a wonderful writers compensation program where you can earn a passive income by writing about what you know. Our writers earn a full 90% of their Amazon.com affiliate income (on ads we serve), you always receive 100% on ads you place in your articles, but remember (ONLY 2), that is 60% more than what is offered by most writers compensation websites.

Due to changes in googles algorythm we can no longer give you a percentage of the google adsense income as was our origional purpose.


We do allow you to post 2 product links in your articles.

All articles once submitted are held over for moderation to insure that they are about content that is suitable for a family website. Once you have written 20 quality articles with us, you may be taken from moderation and your articles may then publish immediately, but any misuse of this system will be strongly reprimanded!

When you join our writers compensation program you agree to have your articles edited to make them more readable and search engine friendly, so please keep a copy of your articles on your hard drive on your computer. If you disagree with the edits, you can always send admin@2sml.info an email outlining why you wish to have your article approved exactly the way you wrote it. If we agree, you will be able to re-upload your approved article to our servers and it will be published exactly as you wrote it.

The purpose of the editing procedure is to insure that your article reads smoothly and that it is written in the way that the search engines are likely to quickly pick it up , so that you will receive a greater amount of traffic. Increased traffic = increased income for you

Your articles always belong to you and not this site, so you are free to remove them at any time. But we encourage you to leave them on this site so that you will continue to earn income from them. The longer they are on the site the better your search engine rankings will be as long as you submit fresh content that is not repeated elsewhere on the web.

Once in your dashboard, you will notice that we offer a wide range of tools, take your time to test them and use the ones that work best for your writing style and how you wish to convey your articles.

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