A Dangerous Adventure (A Story)

A Dangerous Adventure

I’m sitting in horticulture biology listening to Mr. Cole talking about trees and rain forests. I never really was interested in learning about the forests and the species of them. But now I’m kind of liking it.

“John, my boy” said Mr. Cole.

Yes” I said. Mr. Cole winked at me. Then I smiled.

When the bell rang all the kids hurried out of the class. As I was heading out, Mr. Cole said to me “John come over here.”

When he called me to his desk it was usually a good thing. And as I thought, it was. “Would you like to come with me to a safari in Australia?” he said.

My heart started racing with excitement when he had said the word “Australia“.

I had hesitated to speak. “W-w-well…I-I guess if my parent’s will let me”.

“Perfect!” he said with great excitement.

I walked out of the class room and head to Algebra for my next class. When Mrs. Johnson was speaking that period, my mind was only focusing one word. “Australia, Australia, Australia“. I could now see the beautiful tree’s swaying in the wind. The grass being crushed under my big hiking shoes. Every couple of seconds, Mr. Cole would point something out and I would say “Wow, that’s cool”. We would make up a tent on the beach near the hotel. Next morning, would be just the same. “John!” yelled Mrs. Johnson across the room.

“Wha-What?” I said out of confusion.

The kids in the class were laughing and I knew my face was red with embarrassment .  I had a feeling that Mrs. Johnson would make me stay after class.

The class period had gone by fast after that. But when the bell rang, Mrs. Johnson let us all go and me with them. I went out in the front of the school to meet my friend, Justin. “Hey John, over here!!” said Justin waving his hands.

I laughed and waved my hands back at him to. Justin and I walked home because we lived so close to each other. You may think we are little kids to be walking home. It’s just that it’s, well, fun, to walk to and from school. It was Friday. Two thing’s were happening. Number one, I couldn’t talk to Mr. Cole for two days! But number two, is that I can sleep in. What a relief!

But Justin and I, went to the park with the little kids to play ball. We liked those kids. They weren’t bullies, they were very nice. But going on. The weekend didn’t last as long as I wanted it to. When Justin and I got to school on Monday, I rushed into Mr. Cole’s room and talked to him about the going to Australia thing.  “I think we are going to leave just in time when we come back that you can come for summer. That alright with you?” asked Mr. Cole.

“Well, sure.” I said.

“Okay, have you asked your parents yet?” asked Mr. Cole.

Danget, that’s one thing I forgot to do this weekend. I said to myself.

“No, sorry I forgot.” I said.

“Well shucks, you can do it tonight.” said Mr. Cole.


Australia as seen from space

“Okay, I guess” I said.

“Alright, you should get to class. See you soon!” Mr. Cole said with a smile.

I walked out of his classroom with a smile to. I was waiting until the day came to an end. Then I could ask my parents. After school, I met Justin outside the school. “What do you want to do now, John?” asked Justin.

“I got to get home quick. We’ll do something after this.” I said.


Justin and I ran home as fast as we could. “Hey…mom…and dad…” I said trying to catch my breath. “Could I go…to Australia…with Mr. Cole?” I had finally said.

They looked at each other and smiled. “Well. I mean you’re in 8th grade. Wouldn’t you miss us just a little?” my mom said laughing.

Her laugh was contagious, so me and my dad laughed with her to. But I eventually said “No, well maybe a tiny bit” I said smiling.

“Well, if it’ll make you happy. Then yes.” she said.

“Okay, Thanks mom!” I said.

I ran out the door and jumped happily. “What happened in there?” asked Justin.

“Mr. Cole said I could go on a safari with him in Australia and my parents let me!” I said still jumping.

“Cool!” said Justin.

Then eventually we were both jumping. We got tired so then we went to play some video games inside. We played pretty much the rest of the day. Justin’s parent’s won’t really notice him around because he’s not loud. He will only play video games or watch TV.

When the day was almost to an end, Justin and I went out to play catch with a football. But right then, the big kid in our neighborhood, the bully, Travis Charleston. Seeing him in his car is not a good sign. He would either throw a water balloon or whip cream at you. We ran into the house when he was coming by. We watched him from the front window, but he was circling the block in his car. He thinks he’s cool because he has a car and a girlfriend. But we all know the truth. He’s actually scared of rats.

He had told us both “If you punks tell anyone about it, I’ll beat you ’til you bleed!”.

That was enough to keep us away from him and from telling his secret. Justin and I just hung out in the basement watching some TV. Whatever’s on is cool to us. Justin’s mom called him to come home. So then he left and I was alone ready to go to bed.

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I went upstairs to brush my teeth but when I stopped in my rooms to get my PJ‘s. I saw a bag on my bed. It said “For John” so I opened it and you won’t believe what I found. I found everything you need to go on a safari:  hiking boots, a big backpack, a sun hat, and a bunch of other stuff.  His parents were sleeping, but he couldn’t wait to thank them in the morning.

The days and months went by. I waited and marked the days and months until “Australia Adventure” as my mom called it.  But I looked once more and saw that there were only two weeks until Mr. Cole and I were going to leave. I’m mixed up with emotions all the time. I still remember it like it was yesterday. “Would you like to come with me to a safari in Australia?” That’s what Mr. Cole said when he asked me to go to Australia. I couldn’t wait until that day to come.




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